Lego is getting three more female scientist minifigs

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Human girls can be scientist of all stripes, and they should have toys that encourage them to do so. That's why it's awesome that Lego ideas just greenlit three new female Lego scientist minifigs—an astronomer, a paleontologist, and a chemist—for an August 2014 release. Yay!

Rather than Female Minifigure Set, the working title, the badass lady Lego will be called Research Institute. They'll come with all the proper equipment, like magnifying glasses, microscopes, and of course, a big 'ol dino skeleton. The idea was chosen from about a half-dozen crowd sourced designs for new Lego. And there's no reason it shouldn't have! Lego has plenty of male minifigs that have a wide swath of crazy jobs. They're pirates and policemen and architects and every profession you could name.

It's not to say that female minifigs don't exist—they do, with the first scientist coming out last fall. But they exist in a vastly disproportionate number to their male counterparts. There should be more, more, more, and they shouldn't be pink-collar professions and pink-hued sets. Because real-live girls should never be given the message that they, like Lego girls, have limited options for the jobs they can aspire to when they grow up.


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Well, they're only females till you remove their hair...then they're just bald men!