Leonard Nimoy Wants You To Do Drugs And Have Orgies

If the new movie of Brave New World ever gets off the ground, it probably won't feature Leonard Nimoy in a yellow frock, as the benign leader of the drugs-sex-and-conditioning fake utopia. Too bad.


The 1998 TV movie version of BNW is surprisingly great, with about as much crazy sex as television will allow. And I really like the conditioning sequences and all the debates over how much freedom to allow the "savage" visiting this allegedly perfect society, all of which feels pretty close to the book, based on my decade-old memories of it. [IMDB]



"The 1998 TV movie version of BNW is surprisingly great"

CJ, what the frak are you smoking? They took a huge dump all over the source material, the ending was completely different then the book, Bernard was totally skipped over, and John the Savage was a cowboy hat wearing hick-moron who gets pushed off a cliff by his adoring fans at the end. It was like someone at a copy of the book, then drank appletini's and lemon drops until they puked, and someone filmed the aftermath.