Leopard Drivers Hint at Low- or Mid-Priced Santa Rosa MacBooks

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While we know that Apple will eventually roll the Intel Santa Rosa chipset down through all of its laptops, there are surely a faithful few who feel their weekly pilgrimages to the Apple Store aren't being properly appreciated by Lord Jobs. But new Leopard driver evidence nearly proves that Apple does have Santa Rosa MacBooks (and Mac Minis) in their sights.


Some software enthusiasts found a full set of GMA X3100 drivers within Leopard's files, which are essentially for a Santa Rosa chipset with integrated graphics. (The currently available Santa Rosa MacBook Pros actually use separate graphics cards.) But even more interesting than the driver itself was the date when it was added.

Tacked on to the OS on just October 11th, this seems like a last minute inclusion by Apple. Maybe this means nothing, or maybe this means that we'll be seeing a Santa Rosa MacBook refresh sooner as opposed to later. Seeing as the first Santa Rosa laptops hit in May, and MacBook Pros with the chipset appeared in June, it's about damn time this update makes its way to Apple's low-end lineup. [electronista]


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I think this whole "product differentiation" thing is a little bit insulting to apple customers... If Sony and Asus can get SR into a 13.3" in July, then why can't Apple? because they want people to see the MBP as worth the extra money.