Lessons from Tekken: If a post-apocalyptic cage fighter catches you staring at her, pretend to be a foot fetishist

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That's just one of the useful life lessons you'll learn from our exclusive clip from Tekken, the video game adaptation coming to DVD on July 19. You'll also learn the importance of having a Signature. And wearing eyeliner while training.

So yeah, if a deadly cage fighter ever catches you staring at her, just say "I was just admiring your toes." And all will be well.


Yes, the long-awaited Tekken movie is finally coming out, complete with female characters who are even more scantily clad than the video game. And sprayed-on sweat.


According to the press release:

The year is 2039. World wars have destroyed everything and territories are run by corporations, the mightiest — and cruelest — of which is Tekken. Jin Kazama (Jon Foo) witnesses the death of his mother Jun (Tomita) by Tekken in the slums known as Anvil. Vowing vengeance, and armed only with his street smarts and raw fighting skills, he enters a dangerous and potentially deadly combat tournament, where he must defeat the world's most elite fighters to become the "King of the Iron Fist."


Here's another clip, which isn't exclusive to io9:

And here's a behind-the-scenes featurette, showing how Chuck Norris' son Eric was the stunt coordinator:

And here's the Japanese trailer, showing the full-on dystopian brutality: