Lestat's Mom In Favor Of Iron Vamp Casting

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We've already told you that Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to take over the role of Anne Rice's legendary vampire, Lestat, but one person at least is a fan of the possible casting: Rice herself.

Asked about the rumor, Rice was effusive in her hopes that Downey could take on the role:

First off, I cannot confirm or deny the rumor. I have not received official word as to the truth of it yet. But I can say without hesitation that I love Robert Downey Jr. and I think he would make a fabulous Vampire Lestat. He is a major actor, a powerhouse of talent and personality, and he evinces an irrepressible and seductive charm. He would bring great energy and skill to the role. I would love to see this happen. I've loved Robert Downey Jr. ever since I saw him in Restoration years ago, and I thought he was magical and powerful in Iron Man. — So I hope the rumors are true. - I've posted on my Facebook "fan" page saying pretty much the same thing. Some are saying he is too old to play the part. This is absolutely not true. He is quite youthful. Besides, Lestat is a man when he is made into a vampire. A twenty year old man in the 18th century is the equivalent of an older man today. Age just shouldn't be an issue here, not with an actor of this scope and charisma. - I'm thrilled at the prospect that this rumor might be true.


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