Let's Fancast the Wild Amount of People That Are In The Suicide Squad

What’s to the right of this image they’re all looking at? Probably the list of characters actually in The Suicide Squad.
What’s to the right of this image they’re all looking at? Probably the list of characters actually in The Suicide Squad.
Image: BBC, Fox, Disney, and Marvel Studios

Friday evening, James Gunn finally revealed the cast of his Suicide Squad quasi-sequel-reboot, the unhelpfully titled The Suicide Squad. There’s... well, there’s an awful lot of them. So why don’t we try our best and wish for who could be playing who from DC Comics’ vast roster of potential squaddies?


We’ve had some previous thoughts about comics characters we wanted to see in Gunn’s movie, but now we know that there are a frankly stunning amount of stars to potentially pad out this very disposable roster. Just four among the whopping 24 revealed on Friday are returning stars, meaning that, as far as we officially know, the only characters currently confirmed for The Suicide Squad are:

  • Viola Davis, as Amanda Waller
  • Margot Robbie, as Harley Quinn
  • Jai Courtney, as Captain Boomerang
  • Joel Kinnaman, as Rick Flag

Everyone else? It’s casting open season! Well, probably not, these people already know who they’re playing—some have teased, like Peter Capaldi, saying that his character requires prosthetics, and some have been long rumored, like Steve Agee as King Shark, or Idris Elba as a mysterious new character that was initially pegged as being Deadshot, Will Smith’s character from the first film.

But we don’t know that! So let’s do what all comic book movie fans do best: speculate wildly about things we don’t quite understand thanks to an intimate knowledge of silly comic book nonsense. If you need a reminder of who’s in the movie, here’s Gunn’s tweet one more time.

Does the movie’s use of the classic logo from the Ostrander/McDonnell run indicate an era to look at? Could the vast quantity of people involved hint that a lot more obscure figures could be in the movie, only to be quickly bumped off? It means you can get a pretty eclectic mix of suggestions going, frankly.


I’m still on the Capaldi as Doctor Light train above all, but honestly most of these could be wild—let us know your picks in the comments below.

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John Bigbooté

I want Peter Capaldi to shave his head and play Grant Morrison.

(Not a joke, Morrison was a character on the Suicide Squad and died due to writer’s block.)