Lets Hope the Dash7 Bluetooth Speaker Doesn't Sound As Flat As It Looks

Designing a Bluetooth speaker that's small enough for consumers to actually want to carry everywhere, but doesn't sound like crap, is a delicate balancing act. Jawbone's Jambox walked the line perfectly, but it looks like Soundmatters new Dash7 leans towards a thinner form factor, hopefully not at the cost of sound quality.

The wireless speaker is just .75 inches tall, making it particularly easy to slip into a pocket or a laptop bag. Like the Jambox it uses some clever tricks to boost its sound, namely a tweeter/woofer combo and a moving battery for improved bass. It most certainly can't compete with a dedicated home stereo in terms of sound quality, but it's actually designed to improve the sound coming from a tablet, so the bar is set pretty low. The Dash7 will be rolling out in late January and early February in a handful of colors, and if you think this is the Bluetooth speaker for you you can preorder one now for $219, instead of its standard $249 MSRP.



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