Let's Send A Nuclear Reactor To The Moon!

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Humanity is eventually going to go to the moon again, and we're bringing nuclear technology with us! NASA has long been working on the problem of electricity on the moon, and the newest possible solution is a portable nuclear reactor.

The reactor itself is about the size of a large wastebasket, but it can be run and contained in a device that could easily fit into an 18-wheeler truck. The whole thing could be sent to the moon, along with any astronauts or colonists that make that journey.

The nuclear reactor could provide years of power wherever it is set up. NASA's current speculative model cold provide enough power for the average American house for 8 years.


The larger implications of this are interesting as well. If a nuclear reactor could fit in the back of a truck, it can be shipped to all sorts of remote earth-bound locations - or even hitched to large spaceships. How far away are we from a DeLorean that can turn old garbage into nuclear power, or even a space-faring suspended animation ark?

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