Levi's Testing Clothing with RFID Tags

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Even though Levi Strauss & Co. says the RFID tags attached to clothing it's testing in Mexico and the U.S. are to be used simply to track inventory, we're thinking, hey, wait a minute. With a radio frequency ID tag sewn into your pants, couldn't nosy spies track your every move, unless you decided to go running around in your underwear, skinny dipping or streaking? Well, not really, at least not yet. The RFID tags are easily removed, according to Levi's reps.

Still, no thanks. Sure, Levi's says it has no plans to use RFID in any of its stores, and these tags can only be read from 1 to 3 feet away, but this idea creates a slippery slope that would be all too easy for our ever-more-intrusive government to slide down, keeping tabs on our every move.

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