But with Sony's 11-inch XEL-1 OLED TV priced over $2000, how much will the damn thing cost? Then there are those rumors that LG may supply Apple with OLED screens for its future products…


Take it with a grain of salt, but a SmartHouse Australia report from April claims to answer both those questions. It says a senior LG staffer reckons the OLED panels will initially "cost double, if not triple, the price of an LCD panel" (sounds about right), and that the 15-inch OLED screen will make its way into the next generation of MacBooks (wait, what?).

Here's what's more believable. According to OLED-Display.Net, the LG 15-inch OLED screens are already being made, and the company plans a global roll out soon after the display hits Korea in December.

As for the Apple speculation? Let us know your thoughts below. [via OLED-Display.Net and SmartHouse]

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