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LG has signed a worldwide deal with Google, which will give their phone users worldwide instant access to Google mobile apps, further dispelling the recent rumors of the GPhone.


This comes just weeks after the Korean giant signed a similar deal with Yahoo! And then you've got Larry and Sergei's kiss-up with Samsung. The other Korean giant and Google got into bed together at the beginning of the year. How long before one of the cuckolded parties pulls out of their deal with the immortal words, "There were four of us in this relationship"?

Google Maps, Gmail, and Blogger will all be preloaded onto 10 LG handsets, and Google search will be available just by clicking an icon on the cell's application menu. What looks almost certain is that the phones, which will be available in the next quarter, will be marketed as LG-Google handsets. In completely unrelated news, Laura Ocaña is still not returning Larry and Sergei's calls.

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