LG X110, A Netbook That's Actually Ready for the Net

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While Wi-Fi is nice, what mini-notebooks need to reach their potential (and be more functional than the average smartphone) is 3G data. The LG X110 appears to be a pretty standard 8.9" mini-note, but it's packing HSDPA so you can browse [fill in crude meme of choice] almost anywhere. In addition to the wireless data, it's got the 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM and integrated webcam that we know so well, along with a 160GB hard drive. The LG X110 arrives in Europe this October for a pretty reasonable €399/$589. [Register Hardware]



While I'm sure a lot of people look at the HSDPA as awesome, I think there is a widespread market of people that are perfectly content with Wi-Fi only.

Like personally, I'm a college student. My campus is blanketed in a wireless network. I have a wireless router at home. Most of my friends have wireless routers. The only time I'm not in range of Wi-Fi on a regular basis is when I you know, go outside.

'Cause of that I'd much rather have companies leaving out the 3G and not have to pay for it, and I'm sure there's a decent portion of the market that feel the same.