10-inch Acer Aspire One Arriving Next Year

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As of right now, the Aspire One netbook includes an 8.9-inch screen. But Acer has announced plans to release a 10-inch version by either February or March 2009. Yes, that's right in time for everyone to have purchased the original Aspire One for the holidays. It's still unclear as to whether or not the upcoming model will be shipped straight to the States and, if it does, whether or not we'll see an integrated 3G chip as is the trend in Taiwan. [DigiTimes]



I take mine everywhere my Iphone and PDANET get me connected where no WIFI available.

Every Pub in town has WIFI so there is no problem here. I am also requesting that the new Oyster Bar gets Free WIFI so I can start connecting there.

this Netbook its all you need. I Installed Outlook 2003 fom my portable Hard drive. with 120GB has plenty of room for my music, pictures and a few 700MB ripped movies.

SKYPE and CHAT works great. little web cam looks nice but MIC needs a little improvement. Overall its worth the $345 I paid for it at Walmart.