LG's New 84-Inch 4K 3D TV: Eyegasm

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We just got to spend a little time gazing on LG's new 84LM9600. It's 84-inches and packs in 3840x2160 pixels for 4K resolution. Locally dimmed LED backlighting keeps balances brightness without light bleeding in from the sides. And it's 3D. But whatever about the specs, how does it look?


It looks good to the point of being eerie. Footage was incredibly sharp, and colors were lush and beautiful. It's so big and clean that it almost looks 3D even when it's showing 2D footage—like looking in a window to another world. It was plenty bright for the convention floor without being blown out, but we haven't had a chance to peep it in a dimly lit room, so we can't comment on how the blacks look.

As far as 3D goes, it was excellent. It uses passive 3D glasses, like the light ones you get in movie theaters. This makes a world of difference. Active-shutter technology is terrible. Really, it's the worst. The glasses are expensive, it makes everything too dim, and it gives a lot of people headaches. I could have watched 3D on this thing all day. It was sharp and I didn't notice any ghosting or weird strobing.

There are obviously a lot of bells and whistles we haven't had a chance to play with—the smart TV features, the 2D to 3D conversions, and it was too loud here to evaluate sound quality, but so far, our eyes like what they see. [LG]


Bring the raw resolution up to 3840 x 4320 (so you can do alternate-line 3D in 4k without actually losing any actual definition - same as this set can already do for 1080p...) and mister, you've got yourself a deal. Just let me go remortgage my apartment and find some way of hanging it on the wall without the building collapsing...