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LightLane Ensures Cyclists a Bike Lane Wherever They Go

Illustration for article titled LightLane Ensures Cyclists a Bike Lane Wherever They Go

Having attended UCDavis for college, I had to bike everywhere. You would think a college town would have had designated bike lanes everywhere, but it didn't. That's where the LightLane would've come in handy.


Using lasers affixed to your bicycle, the LightLane concept projects a virtual bike lane around you, letting cars around you know their boundaries and making it a little safer for you.

However—judging by the photo—unless the LightLane was made out of some crazy strong lasers, it seems that it would only be most effective during the nighttime. On the other hand, if a car can't see you during the daytime, I suggest taking the bus. Or do what I do: bike on the sidewalks and see how many pedestrians you can knock down until you reach your destination. [DVice]

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I always bike on the sidewalk lol. It's fun to go really fast and do sort of a human slalom run.