LightLane Virtual Bike Path to Become a Reality

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Be happy, bicyclists of the world, because the lasertastic LightLane personal bike path is going to be a reality soon. It's already in the production engineering phase, as this demonstration video shows:

As you remember, Lightlane was just a very clever concept in a design competition. Apparently the response was so overwhelming from bicyclists all over the world that the inventors actually decided to make it into a commercial product.

Apart from the "super-bright red LEDs," LightLane uses two high visibility Diode-Pumped Solid State green lasers to draw a path that "protects" the biker on the street. Yes, it won't protect bikers as much as if it used Boeing's missile-destroying laser, but it will be a great alert for drivers in poor lit roads. Not to talk about the psychological deterrent factor of seeing the bicyclist's safety space marked on the asphalt. Lightlane via Coolhunting]