Lightning Review: Indiana Jones FX Whip (Verdict: Awesomeness With Many Uses!)

The Gadget: The Indiana Jones FX Whip is a soft toy whip made by Hasbro that has button-activated sound effects which are related to the Indy franchise. It's also handy for keeping new interns in order (see video).


Price: $20

Verdict: I've had this thing in my possession for a few weeks now, and I have yet to get bored with it. Sure, I may have a slight case of Peter Pan syndrome, but if you can't find ways to enjoy this thing, I feel for you. Have a friend with a nagging girlfriend? Pull out the whip. Underlings out of control? Pull out the whip. BDSM freak? Well...pull out the whip.


The whip is made of a foam-covered plastic base with an on/off switch, belt strap, and button for initiating sound effects. The whip itself is a soft-stuffed tube about three feet long (let's refrain from quoting Michael Scott here, okay?). When you press the button, it initially makes a whip crack sound. When you hold the button down, it begins playing the Indiana Jones theme and appears to have a motion sensor that reacts to wrist movement with sound effects, but it doesn't work very well. But a little wonkiness doesn't detract from the overall fun factor of this thing. I likes. A lot. [Indy Whip]

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