Lightning Review: Rock Band Stand Keeps Your Guitars, Controllers and Mics in Check

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The Gadget: A wooden stand that keeps your Rock Band and Guitar Hero guitars, mic, and various controllers in check so they don't otherwise destroy your living room in a mass of plastic and cabling.

The Price: $55 for the standard stand, plus $10 extra if you want extra microphone holder holes.


The Verdict: It works! Propping up your guitars against this thing is much classier than leaning them against walls, cabinets, chairs, dogs or ottomans. There's even two sets of hooks on either side so you can wrap your cables around them for even more neatness.

The unit comes unassembled, but the instructions are pretty clear and only required about 10-15 minutes (with an electric screwdriver) for all the screwing. The only complaint we have with the design is that the middle support rod is a rod, and thus round, and makes it hard for uncoordinated people like us to screw in everything straight. Not a huge deal, but ours ended up crooked.

The creators say that new versions of this thing will be not only sanded, but have a polyurethane coat to make everything smooth and pleasing to the touch. If you're a frequent Rock Band player that's tired of either hiding your gear after a session or just leaving it out in a mess, this is $55 well spent. On a related note, they're also working on a Rock Band Drum Stand that will hold your drums as well as two guitars, which is the only thing missing from this current setup. [Dude Thing Creations]

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@Knight: I wasn't really planning on buying GH III but then my wife went to a party with a bunch of her female friends, and they all had a blast playing it together.

So, she called me on the way home and told me to go to Bestbuy and get the game and two guitars. I never really like the idea of fake guitar playing, but I have to tell you, it got my wife into gaming, so its ok in my book. Further, it is actually a lot of fun, and for someone who doesn't have the time to learn to play a real guitar and also play video games, it works out as a great internal compromise.