Lightning Round: Nike Amp+ Workout Remote For Nike+ iPod Sport Kits

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The Gadget: The Nike Amp+, which acts like a remote for your iPod when using the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. It controls both music playback and workout status, plus tells the time with its invisible LED display. It's not a replacement for your iPod, but a remote that lets you access music and workout features without reaching for your player.

The Price: $79

The Verdict: If you use the Nike+ iPod kit regularly, you'll know it's not easy to fiddle with your iPod during a workout. While running, we found the music playback controls convenient—even though we had an armband that held our Nano within reach—because you could do a no-look song switch or volume adjust. One of the two buttons on the side triggers the "current status" event in your iPod, which has the robotic lady voice read your distance, time and pace through your earphones. When you're done, you can even use the controls on the watch to pause or stop your workout.


It's great for people who use their Nike+ iPod Sport Kit very often, but $79 is a bit too expensive for those who don't. [Nike Store]