Listen to Steve Jobs on Meeting His Biological Father

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The leaks from the Steve Jobs biography have been plentiful today. But this clip from Sunday's 60 Minutes profile gives us a rare opportunity to hear one of the most serendipitous moments of Jobs' life—from his own voice.


Jobs famously never knew his biological father. But, as the AP and others reported earlier, he unknowlingly met him once, years ago, at a restaurant that the man managed and that Jobs frequented. The two introduced themselves, shook hands, and went on with their nights and their lives. The dots were connected years later, by Mona, his biological sister. Jobs never reached out:

Above, Jobs relates the story to his biographer, Walter Isaacson. He does it without emotion. He's moving around the room, distracted. It's a tale told by a man who's spoken it often enough to create a distance from it, who outwardly (and perhaps inwardly) could not care less about the man who brought him into this world. From a man who determined to live his own life, and not anyone else's.

The full segment airs this Sunday at 7pm EST. If you had any doubts about watching before, you shouldn't now. [CBS]


As with so many things regarding SJs I think there is deception here. SJs searched for his mother but not his father? In the interview SJs says he did search for him and did not like what he found out, the info was enough, no more effort, he did not reach out to him. While he might not of reached out I think this story is SJs wanting to meet him but not going any further. So, he goes to the place he owned or works, he meets him, and, that's it, the deed is done, no magic no revelation no nothing.

Now this explanation, why? In the mind of SJs control is always the center of relationships. To say that SJs spent time trying to find his father is to put SJs in a diminished position, to say that he had to go to meet his father once again puts him in a diminished position, to say they meet and SJs saw him as nothing other then another well wisher puts SJs on top. Its all sad that even as it is now all over the truth is secondary.