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Thomson has debuted two new remotes that support its Gyration hardware. Yesterday we reported on these devices as we heard about them from the Thomson Press Conference, but today we got the chance to talk with a Thomson rep and get a little more hands-on action with these Gyration controls.


The gyration ultra-small remote control is the ultimate in mobile presentation. It includes a 1GB flash drive to store any presentation information also acts as a 2.4Ghz wireless receiver that can operate up to 100 feet. The mobile unit itself is very small and fits easily into the hand. There are four buttons total, to control the mouse you simply hold the middle, bigger circular button and move your hand, the controls seems extremely sensitive at first, but this is all easily modified through the Windows control panel.

With a push of the smaller circular button an options menu comes up that allows for the wide variety of additional options such as using a spotlight, placing pointing arrows and many other features. Unfortunately these special controls are for Windows only. Sorry, Apple. This device should be available in April for $199 through Thomson.