Logitec LDS-Ri700 iPod Dock

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Given that the WWDC was pretty much a flop for anything iPod or portable media related, we present to you more and more iPod accessories to feed that need until Apple gets off their lazy asses to give us something new. Logitec—note the lack of the "h" at the end—has released the LDS-Ri700 iPod speaker dock. It has a DBSS for bumpin' and thumpin' along with a AM/FM radio, LCD screen, alarm clock and TV-out for use with the video iPod. Should be available later this fall for around $170, which is a bit pricey for an off-brand iPod dock if I do say so myself—whatever, it is an iPod accessory and that is all that really matters.

Logitec LDS-Ri700 iPod Dock [Newlaunches]