Everyone's favorite excuse for lugging an iPad to all manner of inappropriate places and events is that it allows them to be productive everywhere they go. But how many people do you know who can actually type on a touchscreen?

The answer is not many. Thing is, most of the in-case keyboard solutions look like dog food and and seem like they're designed to solve your typing woes on a Game Gear, not the magical tablet of the future. That's why Logitech's iPad Keyboard Case makes functional as well as aesthetic sense for every iPad user who has ever taken an iPad to a meeting with every intention of taking notes, fallen hopelessly behind due to single-digit WPM typing, and given up and started hurling avian projectiles instead. If you simply must ugly up your iPad with a keyboard case, at least have the decency to mitigate your poor tablet's shame by not dressing it up like a Dell. [uncrate]


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