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Lonely Hacker Builds Arduino To Trade Pokemon With Himself

Pokemon: to catch them all, you have to have two of everything—two Game Boys, two (slightly different) copies of the same game and, if you're lucky, a friend to play with. Trading monsters was addictive, fun and included forced social interaction! Well, it used to: someone just built an Arduino so he could trade with himself.


I have no idea how hobby hacker Pepijin De Vos's Pokemon-Arduino actually works (something about EEPROM and a 5v SPI bus?), but operation seems dead simple: plug the jumble of electronics into a working Game Boy, fire up Pokemon Red or Blue, and trade a Pokemon. The digital monster then hangs out in the Arduino's memory until you swap cartridges and finish the trade with your other copy of the game. Genius. Also, maybe a little lonely. Ring me up, Pepi—I'll play with you. [Wishful Coding via Hacker News]

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Whatever works. For all we know he lives in Antarctica or whatever and it's not easy finding friends or finding an intelligent penguin/polar bear to train to play.

Heck they just released an app somewhere in those cold regions so that people don't accidentally date anyone they're related to.

Question though, couldn't someone build a way for the gameboy to connect online and trade online instead or would that be redundant as there is already an online only version?