I'm such a wild sleeper that sometimes I wake up in the most awkward of positions. Face planted, facing the wrong direction, diagonal, on the completely other side—you name it, I've woken up in it. I was always wanted to know my movement patterns. Photographer Paul Schneggenburger created a photography series that showed long exposure pictures of lovers asleep. You can see who the big spoon is!

The project, called 'The Sleep of the Beloved', was created using a mattress fitted with a black sheet and lit by Christmas lights. Each photograph shows the sleeping movements of the couples over 6 hours (from midnight to 6AM). You can tell who moves the most (I feel you guys!) by how much of a blurry mess they cause. It's kind of creepy (but also weirdly peaceful) to watch people sleep, isn't it?


Creep on more sleeping pictures here. [CNN via Design Taxi]

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