Long-Exposure Shot of a Roomba's Path Shows Beautifully Organized Chaos

Illustration for article titled Long-Exposure Shot of a Roombas Path Shows Beautifully Organized Chaos

Ever wonder what the path of a Roomba looks like as it cleans your house? It's an amazing combination of randomness and precision, as shown by this long-exposure shot.


The shot was taken by shutting off all the lights in the room for 30 minutes and taking a long exposure of the path the Roomba took while cleaning up. It's beautiful and surprising. I always assumed it worked with using some sort of grid, but that clearly isn't the case at all. [Doobybrain via The Daily What]

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Platypus Man

Maybe I'm missing something, but if this is a long-exposure shot of the Roomba's path, then shouldn't there be a Roomba somewhere in there? All I see is the long path of lights.