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Love Leaves No Known Survivors In Dead Space's Future

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If our coverage of EA's SF horror game Dead Space has gotten you in the mood to experience the Alien-esque dread and disquiet for yourself ahead of the game's release, then new site No Known Survivors is for you. Each week, a new episode of backstory - packed with interactive video, animation and "papervision 3d technology" - premieres at the site's Hub, bringing you closer to whatever's gone wrong out there in space. We've got a look at what you've missed so far, as well as what's coming up - and a special message for you from one of the series' characters, as well.The site - which launched on August 25th - releases new content every Monday, via something called "the hub." What is the hub, you ask? More than you might expect:

A vast cosmic deathscape, the hub features 9 severed body parts, with each one representing a content release. How will visitors know which content is live? The week before a content piece goes live, its assigned body part begins to mutate, finally evolving in to a mature necromorph part (necromorphs are re-animated, mutated corpses of fallen crew members). Each Monday (it started August 25th) a new necromorph part will be live and clickable, ready for visitors to dive deep into the content featured on NoKnownSurvivors.

Helping you navigate the hub is CECL-RC, a computer with a somewhat questionable sense of humor if her message to io9 readers is anything to go by.


The storyline currently in progress on the site, "Misplaced Affection," is the kind of love story that everyone who reads this site can relate to: Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, unspeakable intergalactic horror interrupts, and everything ends in tears. And blood. The first two episodes (which include such interactive materials as readable "Replacement Organ Request Forms" that reveal the backstory of dismemberment and a bloodsmeared guide to the spaceship that's about to become a floating tomb for almost everyone onboard) are already available at the site, with the third going live tomorrow and offering a chance to see a date between our hero and his doomed love, as well as learn the future history of Earth. New content will be released on the site each Monday until October 20th, with a second storyline, "13" starting at the end of the month, for those who would rather see sleeper agents make bad choices than romance gone disgustingly wrong.


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