Low Cost Asus Eee Sells Million Units To Govs While OLPC Weeps

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Asus's Eee PC doesn't have a ton of innovation in it, but it is cheap enough to have lured an unspecified government into buying a million of the little buggers. Meanwhile, Slate reported a little over a month ago that the OLPC only plans on making 120k units this year. Why is the OLPC having such a problem getting off the ground with its cool mesh network, design, Sugar OS, hand crank charger, tough, shock and water resistant design and low power requirements? Maybe its because the eee runs Windows, and Third World countries can probably find a lot of pirated software out there. I'm just guessing, but thats pretty much all I can think of. Then again, check out this review of the OLPC by an 8 year old, the youngest Laptop Mag editor ever. Apparently kids hate it for everything but porn. [PC World on the EEE, Slate on OLPC , Pogue on the OLPC]