M.C. Escher's Waterfall Now in a 3D Sculpture and LEGO, Too

If you're a fan of artist M.C. Escher and his "Waterfall" woodcut, here's a scale model that somehow replicates that physically impossible structure. The $59.99 sculpture is six inches high, and will only be made in a limited edition of 500 units. At first we were hoping this was a working fountain, but the laws of physics wouldn't permit that. Take the jump for a look at the original Escher woodcut, and another Escher Waterfall made of LEGO.


This LEGO waterfall is from way back in 2003, but we thought it was quite clever nonetheless.

For reference, here's the artwork both these replicas are mocking:

[Andrew Lipson, Escher waterfall sculpture: Think Geek]

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