M55 EVO-001 Is The "Ferrari of Electric Bikes"

Electric bikes come into their own when you're pushing up a big hill or embarking on a long journey. The M55 Bike EVO-001 is claiming that after three years' development, they've got the "Ferrari of electric bikes." Sounds...fast?

It's not sleek and light-looking like the Gocycle, instead it's got an almost mountain bike appearance about it. Made with an aluminum frame, there are two models—a street version with a 250W motor, centrally-mounted, and an off-road version with a much more powerful motor, at 1300W—this model will be able to reach speeds of up to 43mph, with five motor speeds and 14 gears. Speed is dictated by how fast you pedal, which would seem very natural for first-time electric bike users.


They're not on sale yet, with production finishing up sometime next month, but there'll only be 250 made—so they'll cost a pretty penny, I can assure you. These oft-quoted "Ferrari of X market" always cost far too much. [M55 via Diseno-Art via Born Rich]

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