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Mac With 150 Apps Running Shows Teeny-Weeny Dock, Exposé Windows

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ever wondered what Mac Dock and Exposé look like with 150 apps running? Well, wonder no more, friend. Wonder no more. Rest assured, however, everything gets ludicrously tiny. Now, we're not too sure who'd be using 150 apps simultaneously, except for maybe that dude at the end of The Matrix who manages to confuse the crap out of everyone. Damn, he sure was crazy. Anyway, the sight is quite impressive nonetheless, so jump in for a screen shot.


The Mac in question is a 2.2GHz MBP with an undisclosed amount of RAM installed. The user, Flickr member burnflare92, stated no slowdown was detected at all. I find that a little hard to believe, as mine lags a bit with a mere 20-plus apps running, even if it is a 2.16Ghz, 2GB RAM MBP. What do you guys reckon: is zero lag with 150 apps running total BS? [Flickr]