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MacPaint Now A Museum Piece

Illustration for article titled MacPaint Now A Museum Piece

The Computer History Museum is hosting the original source code of Apple's ground-breaking visual drawing tool, which arrived alongside the Apple Macintosh in 1984. You can have it for free, if you're non-commercial.


The site also features a nice accompanying story of the history of MacPaint's development from Apple Lisa tool SketchPad, along with a lovely photo of MacPaint coder Bill Atkinson and Steve Jobs—the latter already in his uniform of faded denim and black sweater. [Computer History Museum via MacRumors]

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On the morning of the release of the iPad, I was standing in line at Apple's Palo Alto store. One gent is going up and down the line handing out postcards featuring his own app and talking about how hard it was to get any traction out of the appstore. The guy? Bill Atkenson. His app? Bill Atkenson's Photocard