Magic Radio Creates Streaming Radio Stations Based on Your Music Library

Internet radio is getting smarter all the time. The newest spin on streaming music comes from the folks at DoubleTwist. Just sync up your existing music library with the DoubleTwist music player for Android, and the app will create radio stations personalized to what you already like.

DoubleTwist's Magic Radio can work like all the other Internet radio out there: You enter and artist or a genre, and it creates a playlist for you. As you skip and ban songs, it slowly learns your taste. But what sets the $4 per month service apart is that it can sync with the existing music library on your phone, and create a station out of the artists or genres you already like. It's a smart idea: rather than gradually learn your tastes, the service takes a sample of what you've chosen to carry around with you, and uses it to build a playlist from an available library of millions of songs. We haven't actually tried Magic Radio out yet, but you can give it a one-week trial for free. [Magic Radio]


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