Illustration for article titled Magnets and Metal Nano-Particles Can Build You a New Liver

Between alcohol-fueled holidays and everyday health issues, some of us might eventually wind up needing new livers or some other organs. Turns out scientists could build us those new organs using metal nano-particles suspended in a magnetic field.

The basic idea is that while researchers have been able to "build" organs in the past, they've been doing it on a 2D surface. Since this can lead to abnormal behavior in cells, researchers had to build in 3D:

By injecting cells with a metallic gel, the researchers have succeeded in suspending cultured cells in a three-dimensional magnetic field. With this magnetic scaffolding, organs can be grown in the right shape, and with no foreign material.


Now don't get too excited and run off to celebrate this news with too many drinks just yet, this is early research and intended for those with life-threatening need for organs—not lushes with no self-control. [Technology Review via Pop Sci]

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