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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The keyboard is one of the most overlooked parts of our computers. A good keyboard can make the difference between the effortless, precise typing of shakespearian-quality prose, or the jarred, repeated-bashing-of-sticky-key OOPS PUT CAPS LOCK ON AGAIN ROFL!!1 drunkenly-typed ramblings of a person with anvils for hands.

The keyboard is also the portal to your computer and is an expression in itself of the kind of computer user you are. For example, a standard, beige keyboard might mean you are a regular sort of easily-pleased person — the kind of individual who is quite satisfied with anything as long as it does it's job. The kind of individual who, in the bedroom, operates on a strict 1:5 ratio in terms of time allocated to foreplay and actual intercourse.

There are all sorts of keyboards for all sorts of users — "gaming" keyboards for gamers, ergonomic keyboards for usability nerds, das keyboard for the hacker elite, etc. This keyboard however, has been created for a user base which I can only think to describe as "TOTALLY PIMP." Diatec's "Majestouch" keyboard features a brushed aluminium face with an extended bottom lip, creating a unique look for any TOTALLY PIMP user's workstation. Blue LED lights add a nice touch to what is an undeniably sexy peripheral. Not sure how ergonomic that cold, hard aluminium would feel on your palms as you type though, but TOTALLY PIMP users probably care not about such things.


Yours at the bargain price of 23'800-yen (approx. US$200)

Diatec Metal Keyboard [Product Page]

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