Steven Price, who scored Gravity and recently won a BAFTA for that work, has been hired to score Edgar Wright's take on the hero. [First Showing]


Batman Vs. Superman

Gal Gadot, who said she's taken up "Kung Fu, kickboxing, swords, jiujutsu, and Brazilian" training to prepare to play Wonder Woman, has shared a post-workout photo on her Facebook page. The caption read, "There's nothing like a good workout in the morning. Love it! You?" [Super Hero Hype]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Here's a new TV spot:

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Here are a few character posters, showing past and future Professor Xs and Magnetos. [X-Men Movies Twitter]


Game of Thrones

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau spoke about how last season changed Jaime Lannister and what this season means for that evolution:

I think the biggest change is the fact he loses his identity in many ways and has to reevaluate and rediscover himself. That goes back to the scene with Brienne in the bath where he reveals this huge secret that he's carried since he was sixteen. He tells, of all people, this woman because I think they have connected and he sees himself in her. The big question, of course, is what happens when he gets back to King's Landing? That's where we'll find out what has changed. At the end of season three something has changed but he doesn't know what it is. I think he surprised himself and doesn't really know why he went back and rescued Brienne from the bear pit.


He also previewed what that return to King's Landing means for his on-screen family:

I think for Jaime it will be the fact the Lannister family is together for the first time on the show. That will be very interesting to explore. It's a very dramatic season and where before you'd have one or two episodes that peak, here there will be a lot of peaks.



The Walking Dead

In answering a question about whether he read the comics after being cast as Abraham, Michael Cudlitz let slip that Abraham will be nearly identical to his comics counterpart:

Yes. I talked to [showrunner] Scott Gimple after I was hired and I said, "Look, I want to read the comics. I want to get caught up and up to date, but I don't want to mislead myself. How much of what Abraham does is going to be based on the comics?" He said, "Go ahead and do that. All of your backstory is going to be almost exactly as it was from the comic book as far as what happened before we met him." It's an awesome jumping-off point.


He elaborated on that a little bit:

In the comics, we know that Eugene has teamed up with Abraham under false pretenses. Is their story line similar?
Cudlitz: Yeah, there are a lot of similar elements. A lot of it is going to feel very familiar. But you have to remember, a lot of these characters that they interacted with in the comics are no longer with us. So some situations just could never happen because those people are no longer here. I will say that it's going to feel very familiar and there's a push from Scott's side to really pay homage to the comic and not get so far off track or so diluted that if you're a fan of one, you wouldn't recognize the other. There's a way to marry the two elements together that does justice to both. What if these two characters lived in the same world at the same time even though they don't in the comics? What would that have been like? Well, now you get to explore certain things like that. There are people that I am inhabiting a world with that were already dead in the comics. That's going to be exciting for people who really know the comics. There's a lot of bada—es in one room. Sh— is going to hit the fan. Where it ends tees up a whole new world.


More at the link. [TV Guide]

Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Emily Kinney talked about how the trauma of Hershel's death hasn't yet been seen in Beth:

We hear one line from the journal where she says, "I believe for daddy." That makes me wonder, what is the impact of what happened to Hershel and how is that affecting Beth? When she is saying stuff like, "We have to get out there and search, we have to be hopeful," is that her way of honoring her father and carrying on in an almost What Would Hershel Do, WWHD kind of way?

I think she definitely still hasn't come to terms with that life is over yet — in terms of the people and the family she gained by having that stability of the prison. She's still sort of hopeful. She still hasn't come to terms with her father's death yet. That is something that is going to play out throughout the whole rest of the season. This is just the beginning. She is still tying to grasp something.

Well, it's a lot of trauma to take in at one time.

Yeah, I don't think it's all happening yet. This episode is to see how much hope she had in this other life. And as soon as people do have food and stability and shelter, they start to journal. You don't need to much to start to dream and think about what your life could be and that sort of thing.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Here's a promo for episode 4.11, "Claimed." [via SpoilerTV]

And here are two promo photos from "Claimed." [SpoilerTV]


Teen Wolf

Dylan O'Brien spoke about how the Nogitsune will become a greater threat in the next few episodes:

Well, what we've seen now is the Nogitsune and how much power it has over Stiles. I think over the next few episodes we're going to see that become more of a factor and more of a, like, permanent thing or a danger of it being a permanent thing. The Nogitsune is feeding off everything through Stiles. And the stronger it gets, the more control he has over him, basically. So it gets darker. And of course there's the other side of the spectrum — we still see Stiles in every episode. We see his struggle with not understanding; he clearly has no control over it. He goes in and out of being aware of it. And you see the Nogitsune getting stronger. So it just gets really dark and crazy….It becomes insanity, basically.

How soon does everyone else catch on about the truth about what's going on?
I think at this point it's been pretty weird [for them]. I think it's so funny watching how everyone's so, like, I guess, cool with it. [Laughs] They just don't even believe that it's happening. But I really think the next episode is where Stiles' friends — Scott and everybody — see what is happening to their friend.


He also previewed how it will all come to a head in the finale:

I mean, I think any time a person goes through something like this — I think in real life it's never [laughs] — I think you learn a lot and grow a lot. I think the season has made Stiles stronger. And this whole Nogitsune possession thing could sort of empower him in a human way. He's survived a lot. And the finale is basically [him having] to face himself, finally. The whole season for him is a struggle with himself — himself being, obviously, the spirit. It will be one or the other, basically. So the finale is crazy because either he dies or the Nogitsune dies and no one knows how to kill the Nogitsune, So it gets weird.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Meagan Tandy will return to Teen Wolf as Braeden. She tweeted:

The interview was awkward bcuz I didn't know what I could say but I can definitely say now I WILL be apart of Season 4. #MoreBraedenComing

More bad assness is coming. Season 4. Get ready!! Can't wait #TeenWolf

[Spoilers Guide]

Lost Girl

A report on some new season five casting scripts is interesting — apparently, the scripts contain no references to existing characters or plots. Now, this could be a way to keep everything a secret, or it could be that the show's intending to introduce a ton more characters in a kind of quasi-reboot. If the scripts are accurate, there's a new character named Maeve, who is a the leader of a Fae group who wants to reclaim the world from humans and stop hiding. In pursuit of that, she forces "Alice" (possibly code for Bo) to give her a bloodoath to save a female human named "Jo" (possibly code for Lauren). [SpoilerTV]



Aimee Teegarden talked a bit about the love triangle between her character (Emery), the alien Roman, and Grayson:

So Grayson is another kid she meets in high school who's a bit of an outsider himself. He's one of the first people she meets that's nice to her, and talks about how awkward it is, and can connect with her feelings of being the new kid in school. He's what you would want in a boyfriend. He's sweet and nice and cares about her, and she's kind of caught between what she should want and what she does want. And then, throughout the season, you get to know more about Grayson and Roman, and they both have some bad boy stuff.


Teegarden also previewed a later episode, which has her in the body of an Atrian for a day:

One of my favorite moments is towards the end of the season. I get to embody an Atrian for a day. So I went through the whole works and got tattoos made especially for me and got a little Atrian flight suit and got to speak some Sondiv, which is the Atrian language developed by the same guy who developed Dothraki [from Game of Thrones]. That's a fun fangirl moment that I got to have, because my character's obviously not an alien, so getting to play an Atrian for a day was awesome. I'm excited to see how it looks.


[Entertainment Weekly]

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