Make Barbie More Useful By Turning Her Into a Swiss Army Knife

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Are you hesitant to buy your child a Barbie doll for fear of reinforcing negative stereotypes about women? Instructables user mikeasaurus had the same concerns, but found a clever way to empower kids by turning the iconic doll into an all-purpose multi-tool.

The hack isn’t terribly difficult to do yourself, especially if you’ve got a workshop full of tools at your disposal. The most unnerving part is cutting Barbie in half, which is needed to stash the Swiss Army knife into her upper torso. A strategically cut groove on the side of her body provides access to all the knife’s tools, while magnets hold her two halves together during more traditional playtime.

Just convert a Ken doll into a butane torch and your son or daughter will have all the tools they need to help out with small repairs around the home. [Instructables via Technabob]

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