Make Biodiesel Yourself With Home Processing Plant

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Etruk has devised a method to produce biodiesel within the comfort of your own home, using their Home Biodiesel Processing Plant. The unit utilises biological sources such as vegetable oil to produce the sustainable energy source. The benefits of making biodiesel at home primarily lie in the sustainability of the fuel source and the monetary savings it confers.

The energy produced is better for the environment, producing up to 60% less CO2 than standard petrol, whilst being biodegradable. But we are not too sure having such units within homes is such a good idea in terms of safety; last time we checked fuel was quite flammable. Eturk offer to fully train people on the correct procedure to ensure safety. We are sceptical of the viability of the device, it is a semi-good idea, but until the website is up and running, or someone trials it, we shall have to reserve our judgment. Alternatively, if anyone can figure out how to trap our blogger gas so it can be transferred to our vehicles, then we would be listening upright and with considerably more restraint on our anuses. [Red Ferret]