If your hair goes past your ears, you should definitely own a curling iron (or curling “wand”). It locks in shine and gives you shape and keeps your hairdresser from getting angry about your lack of attention to your gorgeous locks.

Thanks to the staffers at Cosmo, we now have another use for curling irons.

Making eggs.

Not just any eggs. But a thin, dry husk of an all-egg crepe that will get you banished from culinary school almost immediately. I have spent the last three minutes and forty-two seconds trying to understand the purpose of this life hack. When is this useful?


Apocalypse? Probably not. You’d need a generator to cook them, and building a fire and cooking them in a pan would be much easier.

Camping? See apocalypse.

Held hostage in a bunker with poor ventilation? Okay. Now you’re talking. This could be a good use case. You could also use the iron to heat up canned chili, prepare clam chowder, or, in a pinch, as a rudimentary sous vide. (It will probably be terrible and may electrocute you? We’ll figure that out in a future Testmodo.)

So I guess the real question is: How bad is the ventilation at Cosmo headquarters that this is their only method of egg prep?

H/T to Bryan Menegus.


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