Make Like Magneto And Control This Responsive Wall With Only Gestures

You are not an X-Man. I am not an X-Man. None of us live in the Matrix (probably). But we could pretend we've got crazy superpowers in front of this faceted Hexi wall, which is covered in modules that respond to your movements in real time.

The installation was created by graphic designer Thibaut Sld. Standing motionless in front of the 60 machined aluminum and PVC modules, each equipped with servos and depth cameras, will elicit no response—but once you start making movements, this thing makes movements right along with you (watch it here).

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There's definitely a precedent for this kind of thing. It reminds me of Asif Khan's massive Olympic pinscreen; Daniel Rozin's motorized mirror; or even this book wall in Bristol.

Even further afield—and bear with me, here—the brilliantly ridiculous video for George Harrison's I Got My Mind Set on You popped into my head. There, of course, the surroundings were stimulated by tunes and not movement. It would be wild if everything around us would shift, change, and come to life when we wanted it to, with the wave of an arm or the start of a classic song from the 1980s. [notcot]

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Or you could go to any store with electric sliding doors and hold your hand out as you approach it.

Same thing... And you feel like you used the force or magic or something to enter the building!