Make New iFriends With the iBag Turntable

With the iBag turntable, you could conceivably annoy the living daylights out of your fellow citizens this holiday weekend. Sure, it may look like a child's toy bag that probably costs $2 to make, but it's actually a clever, multi-talented iPod-integrated bag (that probably costs $2 to make).

Stereo speakers on the outside of the bag play either your iPod's tunes or your local FM rock station's 4th of July Countdown. (I wonder if "Stairway" wins again this year?) There's a pouch on the inside to hold your cellphone or iPod, since just leaving them in the bag proper is 2s9d7d silly.


So, if you have any interest in carrying around a $60 bag that looks like it was beat up by a box of crayons, the iBag looks like an iDeal.

The Most Versatile Bag in the World? [UncommonGoods via Popgadget]

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