Make Yourself Into A Zombie Vigilante

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Marvel Comics are using the internet to spread the word about their upcoming Punisher storyarc "Frankencastle," by inviting fans to turn themselves - or anyone of their choosing - into the titular reanimated crime-killer via the magic of the internet.

According to Marvel, the DIY paper doll reanimatathon can be explained away like this:

To commemorate the upcoming FrankenCastle storyline that's running through PUNISHER, we at Marvel have created this Build-A-Frank graphic. We want you to download the image and add your own face, your friends' faces, The Sentry's face...really anything you want to this image. Spread it around the Internet, post your Franken________ on message boards and share 'em in our Build-A-Frank Flickr pool.


Our favorite so far? FrankenTaco. Although, let's face it; FrankaChu may be more effective by freaking criminals out with his cuteness before gunning them down mercilessly.


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