Makonnen featuring Drake: Tuesday

Makonnonen's been having a moment ever since Drake hopped on this track early this fall. Now it's Tuesday, and the video just dropped, so playing the song's appropriate. But the song works every day, always.


Makonnen is weird, but weird is good, and "club goin' UP! On a Tuesday!" is infectious. This video essentially describes how you react to hearing the line. Doing your hair: club goin' up! Hanging out in the yard: club goin' up! It captures the sentiment. The club is wherever you are. It's how you feel. Happy Tuesday. May the club of your heart be always going up. [Spotify, iTunes]

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Ticallion The Baptist

Good god, please quit spreading this garbage! You have some decent posts here and there, but your taste in hip-hop is absolutely abysmal. Weird can be good, but only if the weirdo is talented. Neither this kid nor his "commercial sponsor" Drake have a teaspoon of talent. No substance to the lyrics, no flow/rhythm, can't even rhyme properly. The whole track was just half-baked and disjointed.