Malls Should Place Wedding Vending Machines Next to the Divorce Machines Just to be Safe

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If you happen to walk past the AutoWed and alert the motion sensors, be warned—once your partner hears the twinkling bells of the wedding vending machine, she might just insist on getting married on the spot.

Thankfully it's just a concept—for now!—from the British designers at Concept Shed. They propose that the 8ft-tall pink machine could let couples choose between four different styles of wedding (straight, gay, lesbian or the more platonic BFF love), all for £1. Obviously the rings it disposes of are plastic, not platinum, and the wedding certificate resembles a receipt more than anything else, but that doesn't mean his love for you is any less strong, babe.

If the fear that your loved one is actually a stingy bastard starts to hammer home, rest assured that the wedding receipt comes with a 10 per cent discount on an AutoDivorce, presumably from the same machine. That's gotta hurt—but who ever said love was easy? [Concept Shed via Dezeen]


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