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Man Gets Stuck In Toilet While Trying to Get Friend's Phone Back

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

It’s a cautionary tale and it’s one about letting the tech you love go. And not climbing into literal shit holes.


After Cato Berntsen Larsen’s friend dropped his phone in a public latrine, the two men deliberated who would go in to retrieve it, deciding it should be Larsen because he was slim enough to fit into the tank.

It goes without saying that Larsen is an excellent, self-sacrificing friend.

Not only was his attempt unsuccessful—RIP phone—but Larsen got trapped inside the outhouse, finding that although he could comfortably make it inside the hole, getting out was another story.


The 20-year-old Norwegian man (who has the anarchy symbol tattooed on his cheek, presumably because he doesn’t play by the rules) said he “did not think twice” before climbing down into the latrine when his friend called for help.

Larsen stood thigh-deep in the contents of the latrine—which is not connected to a sewer and thus emptied seasonally—for an hour, quickly becoming sick and throwing up.

“It was disgusting as hell. The worst thing I have ever experienced. Animals were down there too. I will never enter a toilet again. Now my body hurts, and I will go home and get some rest,” Larsen told the Norwegian site VG.

While he was trapped, he was bitten several times as well. (By bugs or small animals, who knows?) When firefighters arrived on the scene to rescue him, they had to demolish the toilet in order to set Larsen free. At the hospital, he was given antibiotics and his wounds were cleaned.


Keep Larsen in your prayers tonight.

[VG via BBC]


Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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Wow. I don’t think I have a friend who’d climb in to a shit hole to retrieve my phone for me.