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In 2009, Edward Sobolewski was passed over for a raise in his job at British market research firm Frost and Sullivan. So he spent the next three years of his life destroying the company's servers using cleaning supplies. That's what you call a long con. A very long, very sad con.


He got away with his escapades until June of 2012, when the company installed security cameras. They caught Sobolewski spraying Cillit Bang—a counter-cleaner whose catch phrase is "bang and the dirt is gone"—into company IT equipment and pouring it on computers. Sobolewski caused around $50,000 in damage, and now a judge has ordered him to pay a $16,000 fine and to spend the next eight months in jail thinking about what he's done.

Sobolewski claims he was depressed, which is very obviously true of a person who spent three whole years of life slowly and methodically spraying computer grills with the same thing you use to get the lime out of your shower. Next time the easier route would just be to quit. [The Telegraph via BetaBeat]


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