Manchild Mounts Rocket Launchers On His Motorcycle

Illustration for article titled Manchild Mounts Rocket Launchers On His Motorcycle

"Genius", "safe" and "accuracy" are all words I couldn't possibly use to describe what this guy has done to his motorcycle.

As you can see, he mounted launch tubes on the bike so he can remotely fire bottle rockets in random patterns on public roads. As much as I love anything rocket-related, this just strikes me as downright irresponsible—but he still has nothing on this guy. [Icon via Hell for Leather via Jalopnik]

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Die Fledermaus

Oh my god here come the cops put the camera down.....if you are saying this maybe you know you are doing something that will get you in trouble.

Oh and from the look of it those "bottle" rockets are class B or C Estes rockets taped to dowel rods.