Marvel Figured Out an Easier Way for You to Catch Up on Dozens of Movies

This is pretty much all we know about this series right now.
This is pretty much all we know about this series right now.
Image: Marvel Studios

Want to watch WandaVision in a few weeks but it’s been a while since you’ve sat down and watched Age of Ultron, Civil War, Avengers Infinity War, and Avengers Endgame? Good news: Marvel’s cutting your comic book movie homework down to...a new streaming clip show?


After deciding that casually announcing what felt like 78 new Marvel projects at last week’s Disney Investors Day was maybe a little overwhelming, this morning Marvel announced one more thing. Disney+ will air Marvel Studios: Legends (not to be confused with the Hasbro toyline of a similar name), a series that will dedicate each episode to a particular hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, covering their stories so far as they “revisit some of their most iconic moments.”

The first two episodes of the show will release simultaneously in early January, focusing on Wanda Maximoff and The Vision, respectively—a week before the premiere of WandaVision. Synergy!

No further details on the actual content or length of each Marvel Studios: Legends episode were given in the announcement—so beyond revisiting moments from the movies tied to each character, we don’t know if there’s new interview material or new content to frame each episode around. We don’t even know a release schedule beyond the first two episodes. Will they drop weekly from January, or be held to release just before Marvel’s many Disney+ series premiere, so you get Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes episodes just before Falcon and the Winter Soldier, or a Clint Barton spotlight just before Hawkeye? Will each episode necessarily have to be tied into an upcoming series or will they prepare us for Phase 4?

We know it exists, at least, and that this is actually a pretty smart way to try to onboard new people looking to check out the shows without throwing hours and hours of movie at them. It can also serve more casual Marvel fans who just need a quick catchup before hopping on to a new series.

Marvel Studios: Legends first two episodes will drop on January 8, ahead of WandaVision’s debut on January 15.


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I can only hope that these will be clips from the movies with narration by Michael Peña as Luis.