If You've Got Tinder, You Might Match with She-Hulk

It's to promote the show, but surely someone wishes it was real.

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Tatiana Maslany in a promo poster for She-Hulk.
Image: Marvel Studios

Throughout the many trailers and promos for Marvel’s She-Hulk, two things have been made clear: Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) is a lawyer suddenly tasked with handling superhuman-related cases, and she’s not terribly good at having a dating life. San Diego Comic-Con say the attorney-at-law open a hotline for those in need, and now she’s got herself her very own Tinder profile.

If you’ve got Tinder, then there’s a chance that her profile may pop up in your list of potential partners. Lest you get too excited at thinking there’d be someone to DM, the profile will just straight up tell you this is an ad for the show, complete with stock images of Jen that you’ve seen in the months up to release. And should you match, you can’t actually respond to them. It’s a shame that the bit is only surface level and the profile isn’t used to convey any personality for Jen, but it’s still a clever way to draw eyes onto the show.


Romances in superhero comics can be weird at best on an average day, and that’s just for the heavy hitter couples that have persisted for decades. (This isn’t even counting whatever the hell’s going on in the X-Men’s neck of the woods.) In 2017's Mighty Captain Marvel #9 from Margaret Stohl, Ted Brandt, and Ro Stein, Marvel briefly touched on the idea of superheroes trying to have a romantic life via the dating app ‘Cloak & Dater.’ Several of the big male Marvel heroes of the time, like Steve Rogers, T’Challa, and Tony Stark’s AI (possibly, it’s complicated), were among her matches.

This was a very silly gag, but since the comics are often testing grounds for MCU material, that’d be a good one to bring in for the shows. Maybe as Jen begins to accept her new life, she’ll decide to give that app a spin. Just speaking for myself, I think it’d be a funny way to have some cameos. Let her match with a new Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, or whomever else, and take them home. It’d certainly catch everyone’s attention!


She-Hulk will premiere on August 18, look for our review soon.

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