The message goes:

“Hi! You’ve reached the superhuman law division at GLK&H.”

“Okay this time recording as SHIELD!”

“You know they can’t see you right? Okay, whatever... Your call is very important to us. Our associates are unavailable to take your call at this time, but please stay on the line to hear about our services at GLK&H.”

“Have you been fined for thousands of dollars worth of damage by the city you were trying to protect? Did you accidentally create a sentient robot who got the feels and tried to destroy the world? Maybe you’re an Asgardian god who leaves a giant burning imprint on private property every time you arrive on earth—”

“I know who’s she talking about!”

“We’ve got your back. Our associates at the superhuman law division at GLK&H will fight for your right... to fight for everyone else’s right! Because that’s what superheroing is all about. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s some testimonials from our satisfied clients... and this is where we’ll put those, right?”

“Yeah! And with like, photos.”

“Once again, phone line... they can’t see us.”

There’s another voice clearly on the line, maybe Bruce Banner? But I would hope Banner would know how a voice machine works. Who knows, it’s Marvel.


She-Hulk will enter the courtroom August 17 on Disney+.

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